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PESCO Bill Calculator 2023

Welcome to Pesco wapda bill calculator 2023. This is the best pesco electricity bill estimator where you only have to enter units, and it will do rest of the job. This bill estimator script is based on latest PESCO slabs, and it includes all common taxes, and the final estimated amount is quite close to the real bill amount. So, enter your number of units, and quickly see the estimate bill amount:

Enter Units:

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

The formula to calculate pesco consumer bill is based on the latest unit rates for different slabs, some common taxes and surcharges including TV Fee, FPA, N.J Surcharge etc. We have implemented all common taxes in this script and the final generated amount is quite close to the real bill amount that you will get in the bill.

PESCO slabs and unit rates:

The table below shows the latest unit rates (tariff) for the year of 2023 as determined by NEPRA for the residential connections.

Sr #SlabsPrice per Unit
1.1 - 100 Units9.42
2.101 - 200 Units11.74
3.201 - 300 Units13.83
4.301 - 70021.23
5.Above 700 Units24.33

PESCO Online Bill