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MEPCO Bill Online June 2024

Welcome to MEPCO Billing system. Here you can check your Mepco (Multan) electricity bills. Just input your bill reference number below to check bill amount and due date. You can also print mepco duplicate bill copy or download the full bill picture for personal use. Enter the reference number below:


-- New MEPCO bills for due date up to June-18-2024 are available to download

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MEPCO Bill Info

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) bill is an electricity bill issued by the Multan Electric Power Company, a public utility company responsible for distributing electricity to various areas in Multan and its surrounding regions in Pakistan. The bill provides details of the electricity consumption and the amount due for a specific billing period. Here's an explanation of the key components typically found in a MEPCO bill:

Consumer Information:This section contains details about the electricity consumer, including the name, address, and customer ID or account number. It is crucial to verify this information to ensure the bill is issued for the correct customer.
Billing Period:The bill will display the specific duration for which the electricity consumption is being billed. It includes the start date and end date of the billing cycle.
Meter Reading:The meter reading indicates the amount of electricity consumed during the billing period. The bill will display the previous meter reading and the current meter reading, along with the number of units (kilowatt-hours) consumed during this period.
Tariff Details:This section shows the tariff rates applicable to the electricity consumption. It includes the unit rate for different slabs, such as domestic, commercial, or industrial rates, depending on the type of consumer.
Bill Calculation:The bill calculation is based on the units consumed multiplied by the applicable tariff rate. It may also include other charges like meter rent, taxes, and service fees if applicable.
Total Amount Due:This is the sum of the electricity charges, additional charges (if any), and taxes. It represents the total amount that the consumer needs to pay for the billing period.
Payment Due Date:The bill will clearly state the payment due date, which indicates the last date by which the bill should be paid to avoid any late payment penalties.
Billing History:Some bills may provide a summary of previous payments and outstanding amounts, giving the consumer an overview of their billing history.
Contact Information:The bill typically includes contact details for MEPCO customer service, such as a helpline number or local office address, which the consumer can use for any queries or concerns related to the bill.

It is essential for consumers to carefully review their MEPCO bills, ensure accuracy in meter readings, and make timely payments to avoid any disruptions in electricity supply and late payment charges. If there are any discrepancies or concerns regarding the bill, consumers should reach out to MEPCO's customer service for clarification and resolution.

How to check MEPCO Bill?

You can check your MEPCO bill online through the official website. Here's a general outline of the steps:

  1. Visit the Official MEPCO Website: Open your web browser and go to the official website of the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO).
  2. Locate the "Online Billing" Section: On the MEPCO website's homepage, look for a section that allows you to check your electricity bill online. This section may contain an input field where you can enter your Reference Number.
  3. Enter your Consumer Information: To access your bill, you'll need to provide some details. Commonly, you'll be asked to enter your consumer ID or Reference Number. You can find this information on your previous electricity bills.
  4. View and Download the Bill: After entering the required information, you should be able to view your current electricity bill on the website. Check the bill details, including the billing period, meter readings, and total amount due. You may also have the option to download a copy of the bill for your records.
  5. Print or Save the Bill: If you need a physical copy of the bill, you can print it out. Otherwise, you can save an electronic copy for your records.

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